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Type Name
Personal Insurance Comprehensive Ins.
(All lines insurance for death, injury & health)
Cancer Ins.
(Health insurance for cancer)
Children's Ins.
(Health & Accident insurance for children)
Educational Endowment
(Educational support insurance for children)
Annuity Ins.
(Life insurance & Annuity insurance for member's old age)
Permanent mutual aid insurance
Health insurance
Group Insurance LP(Loan Protection Ins.)
(Group life Insurance reducing Insured loan balance
in the event of death or permanent disability)
LS(Life Savings Ins.)
(Group life Insurance securing Insured savings
in the event of death or permanent disability)
Executive & Employee Ins.
(Life insurance for CU executive & Employee)
CD(credit disability insurance)
CL(credit life insurance)
Non-life Insurance Driver's Ins.
(Driver's Insurance for accidental injury,
property damage by traffic accident)
Fire Ins.
Burglary & Theft Ins.
Fidelity Ins.