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Ragional Office

The Amendment of the Credit Union Act in 1998 replaced the former Provincial Leagues with the re-born Regional Offices and District Offices. As a division of the NACUFOK, its main roles are to guide and coordinate general operations and business of primary credit unions, and to promote their common interests in a regional level as listed below:

General Affairs & Business Support Team
Consulting & Supervisory Team

  1. 1Seoul Regional Office
  2. 2Daegu-Gyeongbuk Regional Office
  3. 3Gwangju-Jeonnam Regional Office
  4. 4Daejeon-Chungnam Regional Office
  5. 5Busan-Gyeongnam Regional Office
  6. 6Incheon-Gyeonggi Regional Office
  7. 7Chungbuk Branch Office
  8. 8Jeonbuk Branch Office
  9. 9Gangwon Branch Office
  10. 10Jeju Branch Office