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Chairman's Message

Chairman and President of NACUFOK Yoon-Sik Kim

Chairman and President of NACUFOK Yoon-Sik Kim


from the Chairman
and President

The Credit Union is not-for-profit cooperative financial institution serving the community, including low and middle income families, based on cooperation, mutual self-help and honesty. Since 1960, the Credit Union has made a significant contribution to enhancing the social and economic status of low and middle income families, thus serving the broader spectrum or society.

The Credit Union not only plays a role as a financial institution by providing a range of financial services such as savings and loans but also takes on the role of promoting community development based on its philosophy. The Korean Credit Unions, the fourth largest credit union movement in the world, have built a global network with about 56,000 credit unions in 101 countries around the world. It takes the lead in spreading hope to every corner of the globe.

We will all do our best to realize a credit union model fit for the twenty-first century. By providing electronic banking service and a variety or products and building a successful risk management system, we will faithfully carry out our role or serving the community, while adding value to communities through social welfare programs.

We promise that we will continue our effort to accelerate the growth and development of the Credit Union to ensure a bright and prosperous future for all members.

Thank you.