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2007 Highlights

Released TV commercials on loans

NACUFOK released TV commercials on loans offered by Credit Unions. They have used the statement "We regard even your passion as a credit." They stress that Credit Unions are more friendly and closer to users than banks. A professional model appearing in the commercials tries to borrow money from banks, but they require particular terms and conditions, including presentation of physical collateral. He visits a Credit Union, which agrees to lend him money only based on his skill as a professional model, his dreams and his passion. NACUFOK have distributed articles displayed in the commercials to Credit Unions so that those visiting them feel as if they are the hero appearing in the commercials in an effort to maximize the effort of the commercials. It also has released a commercial composed of two 15-second ad spots in CATV, which recently emerged as a very effective media for commercials.

Extended the deadline of the Tax Reduction and Exemption Act

The National Assembly passed an amendment to the Tax Reduction and Exemption Act, which extended the current tax exemption for Credit Union members' deposit amounting to not more than 20 million won for three more years, provided that this will not apply to a deposit made by a non-adult on and after July 1, 2007. Other contents of the amendment to the Act include extension of the deadline for tax exemption concerning savings made by a senior citizen and the handicapped as a chief means of living, and investment made in a Credit Union. The National Assembly passed an amendment to the Local Tax Act, which extended the current exemption of acquisition tax and registration tax concerning real estate acquired by a credit union for business for three more years. It also passed an amendment to the Credit Union Act, which will include P&A as a method of liquidation of a poorly performing credit union, in addition to merger, and check card issuance in the business of Credit Unions. NACUFOK revised its deposit business guideline for employees accordingly.